About Infinite Horcruxes
We are the team Infinite Horcruxes from Tagore International School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi participating in the competition F1 in schools. Each of our member provides distinct skills which contribute to the overall competence of the team. With each member contributing a unique skill set, we are more than just a Formula One in Schools team.
Our Motto Work Together, Win Together
Our team motto draws its inspiration from the famous quote of Henry Ford “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success “. Though we have diverse ability we put them together to accomplish challenging assignments on hand, as we believe our victory lies in our solidarity.
Team Slogan Get – Set – Go
Our slogan captures the spirit of our team we are all braced to set the track ablaze, to race and to win. So watch out...
Our Car - Formidable
We have named our car ‘FORMIDABLE’ which means frightening or intimidating through being very large, powerful or capable. We are inspired by flames of fire and how it spreads over everything. Our car expresses fire’s flames that how it is forbidden and at the same time attractive. The killer red and black combination of our car makes it look stunning and stand out from the crowd. It also reflects our instinct for intelligence and reflects that we are smart enough to be successful in any condition.
Team Identity
Our team name, ‘Infinite Horcruxes’ stands for the invincible strength and intelligence that rightly reflects the identity of our team. Backed by the self-belief and our passion for innovation and racing, we strive to do the impossible. Our team colors are black and red, Black represents power and red courage.
a sports consultancy start-up, gives a euphoric welcome to the world’s largest STEM based (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) program - The F1 in Schools™ Technology Challenge in India.
F1 in Schools™ is a competition for school children (aged 9-19), in which groups of 3-6 students design, test and manufacture a CO2 powered balsa wood Formula 1 miniature "car" using CAD/CAM design tools. It is propelled down a 20 meter track powered by the jet from a C02 canister. The average car will complete the race in just over one second, reaching speeds topping 80 km/h.
Part of the F1 in Schools showcase is the Pit Booths, which feature live demonstrations by students and a chance for visitors to see how the cars are designed, manufactured and tested.
The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.
Our Team
Devansh Pandita
Team Manager
Aaron Ghosh
Design & Manufacturing
Taran Saxena
Sponsorship Manager
Arunav Kapoor
Resource Manager
Siddartha Mehta
Graphic Designer
TEAM GOAL Perseverance and Pace Our Key to Race
Our goal is inspired from our armed forces, Myriads of obstacles and hindrances stand in the path of our soldiers it is through sheer perseverance they transcend from one failure to another to achieve enduring success. We inculcate the same perseverance to walk towards our goal. No amount of failures can tarnish our zeal .
To remain in the race we need the right pace. Just like our soldiers we concentrated on small goals and kept a strict time plan so as to accomplish our task smoothly. The right speed in attitude ,attributed to achieve the right pace for our car.


 Sponsorship Levels
  • Logo on Portfolios
  • Shoutouts on Social Media Platforms
  • Logo displayed on our website
  • Logo displayed on our pit booth
  • Part of our Introductory video
  • Promotion of your latest product at our pit booth
  • Logo displayed on our final car for race Investment Required








Our Sponsors
Here are our awesome sponsors who have helped us in our journey so far.