About Infinite Horcruxes
We are the team Infinite Horcruxes from Tagore International School Vasant Vihar, New Delhi participating in the competition F1 in schools. We have made cool and aerodynamic cars for F1 in schools. This is the place for you to find out what team Infinite Horcruxes is going to do and what progress we have made.
So far we have made various cars. We have made many versions of our car as we keep on getting new ideas and suggestions by the team members to make the car go faster and to reduce the drag force. We have named our car formidable as it means that we are strong and powerful while the others fear us.
The name ‘Infinite Horcruxes’ stands for the invincible strength and intelligence that rightly reflects the identity of our team. Backed by the self-belief and our passion for innovation and racing, we strive to do the impossible.
To work together we need a motivating motto. Hence our motto is ‘NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TOGETHER’ which impels us to work persistently.
Don’t give in even if we fail and don’t lose hope.
Our team logo symbolises a car which can’t be beaten. Infinite Horcruxes means that we are invincible and can’t be destroyed. Our team’s name was taken from the book series HARRY POTTER written by J.K. Rowling.
We have named our car ‘FORMIDABLE’ which means frightening or intimidating through being very large, powerful or capable. We are inspired by flames of fire and how it spreads over everything. Our car expresses fire’s flames that how it is forbidden and at the same time attractive.
The killer red and black combination of our car makes it look stunning and stand out from the crowd. It also reflects our instinct for intelligence and reflects that we are smart enough to be successful in any condition.
‘strong motivation is the most important in getting you to the top’
Meet Our Team
Devansh Pandita
Team Manager
Aaron Ghosh
Design Engineer
Siddartha Mehta
Graphic Designer
Taran Saxena
Sponsorship Manager
Arunav Kapoor
Resource Manager
Manufacturing Manager
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